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Our Shoes are all handcrafted in Bavaria and Portugal

The shoemaking trade has a long tradition - not only in the southern European countries, but also in Germany. When we came up with the idea in 2015 to develop an outdoor-capable toe separator, we still could not imagine what materials or tools would actually be needed to make a shoe.

Our first prototypes were crocheted entirely of wool, as soles was a doormat from the hardware store. I remember too well how my mother complained because the needles on her household sewing machine were constantly broken off. The doormat was probably a bit too thick ... 

After further testing and a long visit to the shoe orthopedics in Hanover, the first wearable models slowly emerged. If somebody had told us in the beginning how costly a rather simple toe sandal is made, we would never have taken it seriously.

Meanwhile, our Doghammer Schua in Rosenheim are manufactured in a facility for people with disabilities and in a family-run shoe factory in Portugal - handcrafted, what else! 

Workspace in Rosenheim

In our small shoe workshop in Rosenheim all individual Doghammer toe separators, which are ordered via our configurator, are manufactured. Since the beginning, we have been working with the Disability Facility. In three groups, an individual Doghammer Shua is created by hand step by step. From the preparation of the materials, the sewing of the belt to the quality control and packaging, everything is done here. In close cooperation with the employees and the group leaders of the facility, we have set up and adapted the workshop and work processes. Insanity, what started with a small beer table has now become a proper shoe workshop! We are very happy that the idea of ​​a fair production in Rosenheim has become such a success. 

In the video below you can watch Matthias in our workshop in Rosenheim.


Shoemanufactury in Portugal

Since the summer of 2017, we have been working together with a family-run shoe manufacturer in Portugal. Here, the shoes are handmade for the shoe and sports retailers, which we can no longer produce due to our small capacity in Rosenheim. In the beginning it was not that easy to find a shoe factory that matched our ideas and values. All the more we are pleased that we have found a workshop that lives the old tradition of the shoe trade and are made in the shoes not on the assembly line, but by hand. Several times a year we are in Portugal and visit our workshop and suppliers - after all, we still have some ideas that finally belong to the feet! 


This was our first crowdfunding video 2016 and tells the beginnings of Doghammer.